I find it bit strange to write about myself, even if it’s only a few words – as most photographers I prefer my work to do the talking for me. My name is Martin, and I’m just a normal, down to earth guy with a camera.

I love what I’m doing, with a passion for Portraiture. Being a Scottish photographer, based in Edinburgh, is the most incredible and rewarding profession in the world.

It’s really important to me, that my photographs are the most natural record of the day. I capture everything as it is, focusing on the emotions, the mood and the connection between people.

I love to travel and I’ve been lucky enough to photograph people and different places, and for that I will be forever grateful.  Being a classical musician, I have a strong draw to musicians and find a lot of inspiration when working with them. My photography journey includes working with some of the following clients.

Edinburgh Quartet

Scottish Water

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Edinburgh University

National Youth Orchestra of Scotland

Nordic Viola

Holly Mathieson

Maxim Tortellier

Maximillian Martin

City of Edinburgh Council